Top 5 Places You Should Consider To Study Abroad In

Many people simply prefer to use a country’s quality to pick where to study abroad. Usually, people and students don’t pick universities just for ‘university’ sake. The country has to be attractive to the student.

In this article, we will be looking at a number of countries that are highly ranked for best places to study internationally.


These countries shortlisted below, all have something that attracts lots of foreign students to them. The standard of living, cost of living, standard of education in these countries makes them popular picks among foreign students.

best places to study abroad in

So below, we listed the countries which make the list and define their attractive qualities alongside. Without further ado, below are some of the top 5 places you should consider to study abroad in.


1. Canada

Did our number one country surprise you? We bet not. Canada is one of the best countries in the world for international students, hands down. Asides from the quality of education that Canada offers its students, there is a lot of natural environmental beauty in the country.

Students are looking for a conducive place to live in and Canada is indeed very conducive. Canada’s universities have been leading the world in the aspects of Technology, Information Technology and Computer Technologies.

Canada’s universities can stand side to side with those of the US and the UK. And bonus point is, the tuition fees are generally more affordable than those of the aforementioned countries. Canada is a very friendly and welcoming country to foreigners.


As a foreign student, you will be able to find your own people there as well. And you get to meet even more people from different cultures and other works of life. Also, Canada is a bilingual country so both English language and French languages are spoken. But English is spoken the most. Up to one-fifth of the population speaks French.

Some universities in Canada make the rankings for top universities in the world. As a matter of fact, according to, Canada ranked 3rd in best places in the world to access higher quality education.

2. Australia

Australia is home to up to 9 amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Australia is ranked very highly in the Oceania region for standard of education and professional networking. Australia is home to the Gold Coast beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and more.

Apart from all the loads of adventures that you can have in Australia, Australia ranks among the top five in the world for higher education. Australia also has a number of top universities that rank very high in world rankings. There is no doubt that Australia deserves to rank 2nd in this list for top places to study abroad.

3. United States

Just behind Canada, United States ranks very highly for best places in North America to study in. As the United States is so popularly and fondly called, this place is a land of opportunities for you as a foreign student. There is also loads of adventure waiting for you in America.

In between lectures, you will have a lot of fun to catch up on. From the Tacos you can grab in Texas, to the Wall Street in New York, to the California coasts! What’s not to love about this country? The United States is also home to the some of the best Universities in the world.

4. Germany

Alright. Welcome to the best country in the whole of Europe for students to study in. No seriously, it’s considered the best!

For foreign students, Germany is one of the best places you could study abroad in. Now, what’s shocking is that, Germany ranks number 1 in the whole world for best country to access higher quality education! Sorry, but what does this tell you?

To top it up, much of the public university education in Germany is free. Yes, you read it right. FREE! Even for foreign students studying at public universities in Germany. The overall amount of money you will spend is so little compared to other countries.

There is also loads of fun to have in Germany. For example, you can go sightseeing at many of the urban cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich etc. So, you see why Germany makes this list of best places to study abroad in right?

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5. Switzerland

Finally, the last but not the least, in this ‘top five’ is Switzerland. Though not very popular among foreign students, Switzerland is another place to study abroad smoothly. You should not overlook this place at all. Switzerland ranks very highly for quality of life. Same goes for the quality of education.

Swiss universities are highly (very highly) respected and ranked by all and sundry. The Swiss are very well known for their wristwatches, chocolates, cheese and so on. When it comes to safety, Switzerland is one of the safest countries too. So, what’s not to like about studying abroad in Switzerland?

There you have it, guys! All in all, these 5 places we have listed above are perfectly good choices for you to study abroad in.

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