11 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad In Germany

Before now, we talked on Proven Steps To Study In Germany For Free. While that article is very informative and we highly recommend checking it out, we want to also talk on some of the vital things you should know before studying abroad in Germany. This is aimed at giving you some heads-up on what to expect should you decide to pursue your academics in the country.

Studying abroad in Germany can be a great experience as it provides you with access to world-class education while experiencing its rich cultural scene.


In this article, we will be sharing some invaluable tips to ensure a positive study abroad experience in Germany.

Things You Should Consider Before Studying Abroad In Germany

Here is some key information to keep you up to speed on studying abroad, specifically in Germany:

things to know before studying in Germany


1. Education System:

Germany is well known for its exceptional education system. Universities offer a diverse selection of programs and focus heavily on practical and research-oriented learning, so be prepared for rigorous coursework with an emphasis on independent study.

2. Language Proficiency:

While many programs in Germany are offered in English, having some knowledge of German can enrich your experience and interactions with locals. Although speaking German isn’t essential to studying there, learning it will make your life much simpler – therefore we recommend getting some German language education before going.

3. Cost of Living:

Even though tuition fees might be minimal or nonexistent, it is still wise to create a living expenses budget. Germany tends to be relatively affordable when compared with other European countries; however, cost varies depending on which city you reside. Typically speaking, expect to spend between EUR800-1,000 each month on rent, food, transportation costs and other living expenses such as medical costs or student loan debt payments.


4. Health Insurance:

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany for students, and you have several public and private options from which to select, each offering its own set of advantages and costs.

5. Cultural Norms:

Germans prioritize punctuality, efficiency, and direct communication. With so much history behind its culture and heritage to take into consideration it’s essential that visitors respect local customs by shaking hands firmly upon greeting people as well as maintaining eye contact during conversations.

6. Transportation:

There are many different means of getting around Germany. With its efficient public transit system of trains, trams and buses; consider purchasing a student transportation pass to reduce travel expenses.

7. Accommodations:

Germany offers numerous student lodging options that may suit you when choosing your student housing, although student rates in popular cities can be expensive. When researching possible solutions, be sure to investigate dormitories (known as hostels), shared apartments or private rentals as a possible solution.

8. Part-Time Work Opportunities (Job Openings):

International students studying in Germany can find ample employment opportunities. While studying, international students can work up to 20 hours per week as part-time workers (up to 20 hours total per week during term-time); during school breaks they may work full-time which will cover expenses while providing valuable experience.

9. Travel Opportunities:

Germany’s central European location provides an ideal base for discovering neighboring cultures and countries. Take advantage of affordable travel options to broaden your horizons and experience something exciting new!

10. Food and Cuisine:

German cuisine offers an assortment of tasty treats like sausages, pretzels and schnitzels; explore local markets and restaurants for authentic German flavors!

11. Student Life:

Get involved with student organizations, clubs and cultural events to expand your experience. Extracurricular activities provide a great way of meeting people and becoming immersed in your community.


Studying abroad in Germany can be an incredible journey of academic study, cultural discovery and personal enrichment. By familiarizing yourself with all essential aspects of German life before your departure date, you’ll be better equipped to maximize this incredible opportunity and create lasting memories in this dynamic country.

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