Top 7 Study Abroad Programs For Students In 2023

Studying abroad is definitely one investment that college students worldwide are bound to gain a lot from. There are now so many international opportunities open to college students worldwide.

There are also so many advantages of studying abroad. Travelling abroad affords you the chance to broaden your scope and see the world through a totally new lens.


There are so many study abroad programs available at universities worldwide and in this article, we will be looking at a number of such study programs in detail.

Apart from the fact that employers will rate you highly if you studied abroad, you will also have the opportunity to learn new language, culture and meet different people from all walks of life. So, it only makes sense to grab the abroad study program with your both hands.

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So, below we will be looking at some study abroad programs that you can enroll for. They are listed below;

1. Lee University, Tennessee.

This university sends students abroad to many destinations across the world. The tuition fees at this university is about $18,139. And most of the tuition is used to cover the transport costs they use to send students to various destinations. And they award students that participate in the program up to 18 credit points.

Lee University was founded in 1918 and it is a private university that majors in the Liberal Arts. Up to 90% of their students are enrolled in a study abroad program that the institution offers. They send their students to destinations like, Egypt, Honduras, Cuba, Australia etc.


You can visit their website at and the school has up to 52 majors and a total of about 5,300 students.

2. University of Evansville, Indiana.

This university also has a very valid study abroad for you. The university of Evansville send its study abroad students to places like China, Mexico, Senegal etc.

The cost to enroll in the program is usually about $150 to $2,000. University of Evansville opened in 1854 and it is a liberal arts university with a student enrollment of up to 2,600.

You can visit their website at The overall net cost for the study abroad program is about $22,000 and about 19 credit points are awarded to students that enroll.

3. Texas Woman’s University, Denton.

This university has a very cheap tuition fee for its study abroad program with a total cost of about $8,995. This university, though primarily for women, offers degree in nursing, business, education, liberal arts etc. The study abroad programs could last for between a span of 1 week to a whole academic year. You can visit for more information.

4. Colorado College, Colorado.

The number of credit points awarded to students that participate in study abroad programs at this college is 20 points. Colorado college is a private university that offers majors in Liberal arts and sciences. This college’s study abroad programs is sometimes rated by some sources as the No. 2 best abroad program in the world. This is probably because the school provides such a wide range of destinations for its students. You can visit for more information.

5. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

Dartmouth College is another option for students that want good study abroad programs. They organize a number of abroad programs for their students that they use to award the students class credit, internships and fellowships. Students are awarded a total of 21 credit points for participation. The total expected net cost for the abroad program is about $21,350. You can visit them at

6. Juniata College, Pennsylvania.

Their abroad study programs at this university can range from a period of 2 weeks to a full school year. The total cost of enrolling for a study abroad program is about $26,000 with the tuition costing around $3,000. Juniata College was founded in 1876 and it is a private college that runs four year programs.

Up to 50% of their student population has had international experience through the means of their study programs. Their study abroad programs number up to 59!. Yes, 59 different study programs for up to 24 countries that students will get to visit. You can visit them at for more information.

7. University of Delaware, Delaware.

University of Delaware was the first university in America to send its students on study abroad programs in 1923. It was opened in 1743 and the net cost to participate in a study abroad program is about $15,100 with the tuition at the university costing around $3,200. There are up to 100 study abroad programs available at this university. You can visit them at for more information.

Above we listed 7 universities that offer amazing study abroad programs for their students. You can check the websites to each universities’ bio to read up on more information on their respective websites.

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