How To Get A Scholarship in Europe For All Students

Europe is a very good continent to study and there are so many countries within Europe that are fantastic for higher education.

The thing is, many students want financial assistance in order to be able to study at affordable costs. And luckily for you as an aspirant that wants to study in Europe, there are a number of scholarship options available for you.


These scholarships will be divided into sections depending on the particular country in Europe that it is meant for. Some scholarship opportunities will also be applicable to the whole of Europe as a continent.

So, be sure to do your research on whichever scholarship opportunity you choose.

We will be looking at scholarships for all students that want to study in Europe both for those at their undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We will also be adding links to the scholarship webpages for you to visit to continue your research.


How To Get A Scholarship in Europe

Let’s look at a number of these scholarships available for you in Europe below;

1. Scholarships that will sponsor you to study anywhere in Europe

i. Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship.

This scholarship will sponsor you to study anywhere in the UK or in the European Union countries. This scholarship is open to students from all countries and a prize of $2,000 is available to the scholars that are picked.


The students must be enrolled in an high school, higher institution or university in the UK or European Union. Students of undergraduate levels or postgraduate levels can apply. To apply, all students must submit an essay. Go to which is the scholarship program’s website for more details.

ii. Master’s in Europe Scholarship powered by

This scholarship initiative by is valued at 5,000 Euros for all foreign students that are awarded. This scholarship is available only to Master’s degree level students who are enrolled at an European university from Autumn in 2020. The scholars can be enrolled at any university in Europe.

2. Scholarships for students that want to study in Austria.

i. Austrian Government Scholarships.

This scholarship is made available by the Austrian government for foreign students that want to study in Austria. The applicant can be of any study level whether undergraduate or postgraduate. The scholarship is on a monthly basis and up to 1,050 Euros are made available to scholars for a period of 4 months. Visit to know more about this Austrian scholarship opportunity.


This is a scholarship database that you can search and browse through for available Austrian scholarships for foreign students. Simply visit to use their database.

3. Scholarships for students that want to study in Belgium.

i. CIUF-CUD Scholarships For Developing Countries, Belgium.

This scholarship is open to foreign students mostly from developing countries who are enrolled to get trained at a Master’s degree program in Belgium. Visit for more information.

ii. Ghent University Top-Up Grants.

This scholarship is open to students who are newly enrolled to study for an English-taught Master’s degree at Ghent University, Belgium. The scholarship program is for students who are from developing countries. Visit to learn more about their scholarship grants.

iii. KU Leuven Science Scholarships for Foreign Students.

This scholarship opportunity in Europe is for foreign students who are applying to study at the Faculty of Science for their Master’s degree program at KU Leuven. Visit for more information on their scholarship program. Applicants must be foreign students and be applying to study in the Faculty of Science for their Master’s.

4. Scholarships To Study In France.

i. Eiffel Scholarships in France for Foreign Students

This France scholarship is open to all foreign students that want to study for their Master’s degree or PhD at specific institutions in France. To know which institutions the scholarship supports, visit for more information.

ii. Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for African and Asian Women

This scholarship opportunity is strictly for students applying for their MBA at HEC Paris. Applicants must be from developing countries in Africa and Asia. Also, the scholarship will only be awarded to females only. Visit for more details on this scholarship.

5. Scholarships For International Students That Want To Study In Germany

i. DAAD Scholarships With Relevance to Developing Countries.

The DAAD scholarships sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service is for students from developing countries in continents such as Africa, Asia etc., who want to study for specific postgraduate courses at a german university. The scholarships offered by DAAD vary from full to partial.

If you do your research on few of the scholarships recommended above, you should be able to find one that fits correctly with you and your study goals.

Many times, the question should NOT be “how to get scholarships” but “list of scholarships you can apply for“. Because once you have a list of programs to apply for, half of the journey is complete.

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