Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Studying higher education in Canada is an exciting experience that requires obtaining a valid student visa. While applying for one may seem complex, with proper guidance it can become manageable.

In this article, we’ll provide an extensive guide on how to obtain a student visa to study in Canada.

Application Process For Canadian Study Permit


Steps involved in applying for a Canadian study permit:

1. Choose an educational institution (DLI)

Your first step should be selecting a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. A DLI is defined as any school that has been granted approval to admit international students; you can find a comprehensive list on the Government of Canada website.

Once you’ve selected a DLI, the next step should be applying for admission and being accepted. Your chosen institution will issue you a letter of acceptance which can then be used when applying for a study permit.


2. Comply with eligibility requirements

You must fulfill certain eligibility requirements to obtain a Canadian study permit, such as having a valid passport, sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents during your stay in Canada and a criminal background that does not bar entry.

3. Gather all necessary documents

Gather all of the required documents for a Canadian study permit application. This may include things such as your passport, letter of acceptance, proof of financial support and police certificates.

4. Apply for a Study Permit

You can submit an application for a study permit online or at a Canadian visa office, although please be aware that the process could take up to several months and you should start early if possible. We typically recommend applying for a student visa online.


5. Pay the Application Fee

Before being issued a Canadian study permit, one must first pay an application fee of CAD$150 for adults and CAD$100 for children aged 18 or younger.

6. Attend your visa interview

When applying for a study permit at a Canadian visa office, an interview will be necessary. You will be questioned about your purpose of visit, what studies you plan to undertake while there and any plans post-graduation. However, if applying online, in most cases, a physical interview may not be required. In place of a non-physical interview, a Statement Of Purpose is required which you will need to submit alongside your application.

7. Get Your Visa

Once approved, if your visa application has been accepted you will be sent your Canadian study permit via mail and can travel directly to Canada and begin your studies.

Here are a few additional tips for applying for a Canadian study permit

Start Your Application Early: As applying for a Canada study permit can take multiple months, it is wise to initiate your application early.

Gather All Necessary Documents: Ensure that all necessary paperwork has been collected for your application.

Verify Visa Requirements: Be familiar with your country of citizenship’s requirements regarding visas before traveling.

Be ready for your visa interview: Be prepared to answer questions regarding the purpose of your visit, your studies in Canada, and your plans post-graduation. But, in some cases, interviews are not necessary. However, you will be required to submit an SOP (Statement Of Purpose) alongside your application.

By following these tips, your chances of being granted a Canadian study permit can increase considerably.

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