Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

Government jobs offer Canadian immigrants who seek meaningful work with secure careers an incredible opportunity. From diverse roles, competitive pay scales, and welcoming work environments – government positions give immigrants an amazing way to contribute towards national progress while creating their own secure futures.

This article presents an in-depth exploration of Canadian government jobs for immigrants, providing insights into various sectors and salary ranges as well as steps you can take to embark on this rewarding journey.

Government Sectors Available To Immigrants


Canadian government jobs offer many challenges and rewards at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal levels alike. From healthcare to education to public administration and law enforcement – Canadian government employment provides immigrants the perfect platform for integration while making an impactful contribution – an ideal pathway for making an impactful contribution towards society at large.

Canada Government Job Salaries and Benefits

Canadian government jobs often offer highly competitive salary and benefit packages depending on their level or specific roles; though exact earnings can differ based on location or level. Below is an approximate range for earnings for government positions in Canada.

Healthcare and engineering industries typically offer attractive pay packages; registered nurses in these industries usually make between $70-80,000 annually while engineers usually bring home between $85,000-95,000 yearly earnings.


Government jobs often offer additional perks like health insurance, retirement plans and paid leave packages that further boost total compensation packages.

Immigrants Can Apply for Government Jobs in Canada

Canada provides an inclusive environment for newcomers and immigrants alike, offering numerous government jobs they could qualify for – here are just a few that are currently open in Canada:

1. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers services related to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship within Canada.


IRCC oversees immigration into Canada. Career opportunities with this department exist within client services, case administration and policy-making/dissemination.

Salaries for workers in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) depend heavily on factors like position, experience level and location. According to Canada’s 2022 Salary Guide published by the government, an average annual salary was determined as $86,256 for these positions.

2. Public Service Commission (PSC)

Professional Service Commission is an established recruitment and staffing firm focused on finding talent for federal government administrative, finance and IT positions.

According to Canada’s 2022 Salary Guide, Public Service Commission (PSC) employees in Canada reportedly earn an annual average salary of $83,532, although exact figures will depend on factors like position, experience level and location – this document offers an approximate figure.

3. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

The Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for collecting taxes across Canada, while also offering auditing, compliance monitoring and customer care support to their constituents.

According to Canada Revenue Agency’s 2022 Salary Guide, employees typically make an annual average salary of $88,834. Actual pay may differ based on factors like experience level and geographic location.

4. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

The Canadian Armed Forces are responsible for safeguarding Canada and providing employment in operations, logistics and administration.

Armed Forces of Canada (CAF) members can expect an estimated average annual average salary of $70,00370, depending on their rank, experience level and location, according to 2022-2023 CAF Compensation Rates.

5. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police serve as federal law enforcement across Canada and provide services such as police work, investigations, traffic safety provisioning and road patrolling.

RCMP officers’ salaries depend on a range of factors, including rank, experience level and geographical location. According to the 2022-2023 RCMP Compensation Rates document, officers typically earn an annual average salary of $85,461.

Mentioned above are a few selections of government jobs available for immigrants in Canada. To gain more details and opportunities, please visit their official websites.

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