Best 6 Study Abroad Consultants To Hire as a Student

Embarking on an international study journey can be thrilling, yet navigating its complex application process and university selection can be intimidating. That’s where study abroad consultants come in handy.

While we typically recommend that you go through the study abroad process yourself for the sake of certainty and also being able to learn a thing or two in the process, we understand that it’s perfectly okay to want to delegate the workload to somebody else.


In this article, we will introduce some of the top study abroad consultants who can be your trusted allies as you make your international education dreams a reality.

Disclaimer: This article and all the information in it is for informative purpose only. Before contacting any of the consultants that are mentioned here, we ask that you do your due deligence. Please understand that we will not be responsible for any outcome.

1. EducationUSA

EducationUSA is an advisory network run by the Department of State offering international students free advising services when considering studying in America. Their expert advisors assist international students in selecting universities, filling out applications and understanding visa processes when studying there.

2. IDP Education

IDP Education is an internationally recognized provider of international study opportunities, offering personalized counseling, application assistance and visa guidance services as well as pre-departure support services to its clientele.


3. The Chopras

For international students considering studying abroad, The Chopras provide comprehensive assistance from course selection to university applications to visa assistance and post-arrival support – their presence across multiple countries guarantees customized advice is given when needed.

4. Global Reach

With offices worldwide, Global Reach assists students in finding suitable study destinations, courses and institutions as well as visa applications and applications procedures. Their services also cover application submission.

5. UKEAS (U.K. Education Advisory Service)

UKEAS (UK Education Advisory Service) specializes in helping international students access educational opportunities within the UK by offering assistance with course selection, applications and visa processes.


6. Braingain Magazine

For students planning on studying abroad, Braingain offers valuable resources for university rankings and scholarships as well as application tips.

How Study Abroad Consultants Can Assist

1. Expert Guidance

Study abroad consultants provide expert knowledge about different countries, universities and courses so they can assist you with selecting programs that support your academic objectives.

2. Application Support

Consultants provide their applicants with assistance through every stage of the application process – from gathering necessary documents and writing impactful essays to helping submit on time their applications.

3. Navigating visa requirements can be complex

Consultants provide invaluable support with regard to application procedures, document collection methods and interview preparation strategies.

4. Scholarship Details

International education consultants offer assistance when it comes to scholarships and financial aid options to make international education more cost-effective.

5. Pre-Departure Advice

Consultants provide invaluable expertise that will ease your transition, from accommodations and cultural sensitivities in your new environment, to making arrangements.


Enlisting assistance from study-abroad consultants can make the complexities of international education much less daunting and anxiety-inducing. With their expert advice, resources, and support services they will assist you in making well-informed decisions and embark on academic adventures successfully in different countries.

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